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Jordan Peterson's 1st Rule, Ayn Rand, John Wayne and the poem Horatius by Thomas Macaulay

Buck up Buckaroo!

I love Westerns. I often wonder if the death of the western has led to some of our confidence problems today. In this episode I compare Jordan Peterson's Rule Number 1 "Stand Up Straight with Your Shoulders Back" to the westerns of the 1939 to 1969 era as well as to the poem Horatius by Macaulay.

I'll discuss:

  • Ayn Rand and the mind/body integration

  • How the wester American hero illuminates Peterson's number one rule

  • A full analysis of the rule with reference to movies like Rio Bravo, Red River, The Searchers, Hondo, True Grit, The Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy And the Sundance Kid

  • Why Clint Eastwood is a horrible human being for creating High Plains Drifter.

The second half of the program is a reading of the poem Horatius followed by an in-depth converse with verse where I lay out the story and analyze it from a Petersonian perspective. Enjoy!


LARS PORSENA of Clusium,