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Napoleon Hill's Favorite Poem on SUCCESS



Napoleon Hill wrote one of the first self-help books "Think and Grow Rich." Within it were some selected poems. But Hill liked many poems, from complex Shakespearen sonnets to simple everyday poems. Today I'm going to very briefly read one short poem called "Success," which is about aiming high and defining your belief about success. Even if you're not someone who likes poetry, if you like success, or Napoleon Hill, I can promise you'll enjoy this poem.

Success It’s doing your job the best you can,

And being just to your fellow man.

It’s figuring how, and learning why

And looking forward and thinking high.

And dreaming little and doing much:

It’s keeping always in closest touch

With what is finest in word and deed:

It’s being clean, and it’s playing fair:

It’s laughing lightly at dame despair;

It’s sharing sorrow, and work, and mirth.

And making better this good old earth:

It’s serving and striving through strain and stress

It’s doing your noblest – that’s success.