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Song of the Three Minstrels by Thomas Chatterton

The following breakdown consists of these parts.

Part 1: Full Poem

Part 2: Key Terms

Part 3: Prose Translation



Song of the Three Minstrels

(From Aella)


The budding flowerets blushes at the light,

The mees be sprinkled with the yellow hue;

In daisied mantles is the mountain dight,

The nesh young cowslip bendeth with the dew;

The trees enleafed unto heaven straught,

When gentle winds do blow, to whistling din is brought.

The evening comes, and brings the dew along;

The ruddy welkin shineth to the eyne;

Around the ale-stake minstrels sing the song,

Young ivy round the doorpost do entwine;

I lay me on the grass; yet, to my will,

Albeit all is fair, there lacketh something still.


So Adam thoughten when, in Paradise,

All heaven and earth did homage to his mind;

In woman only mannes pleasure lies,

As instruments of joy were made the kind.