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The Road Not Taken -- With Guest Dan Pontefract

Dan is that unusual creature, the C-level exec who loves poetry. Or, perhaps he is not. Perhaps, there are many more individuals in corporate jobs who spend their evenings amongst great poets and scholars.

We tend to think of life as having a series of crossroads: go down the corporate path and leave behind the artistic path. Be a scholar, or an athlete. A mom or a business owner. But, often, the best the greatest lives come from the greatest combinations. And Dan is a perfect example of that.

Today we will be discussing not only The Road not Taken by Robert Frost, but also why poetry is something that everyone should add to their lives, and how poetry can help you in your corporate job, in your business, with your spouse, and really just... well... live a life worth living! Dan is a c-level executive for a major Canadian corporation, Telus. He's an accomplished Ted speaker and has written 2 books about building better organizations and finding your purpose.

In his latest book he tackles the subject of thinking and how to slow down, think creatively, and make better decisions. You can find his work at

The Road Not Taken


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,